22 February 2008

Welcome to the world baby Cannon!!

This is the newest addition to the Strasser Family. Cannon Russell was born this morning. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 1/4 inches. An interesting coincidence....six years ago Micah's wife had Aria on my birthday. Today is Micah's (32nd) birthday, and Cody's wife had baby on his birthday. Joel, the pressure is on now. You are now obligated to have a baby on Cody's birthday....hehehe!

This day is now officially closed to birthdays! Besides being George Washington's birthday, it is also Micah's birthday, Cannon's birthday, my nephew Isaac's birthday, and my friend Ann's birthday! Happy birthday to all of you! I also just saw on the internet this morning that it is also Drew Barrymore's birthday today, and JLo and Marc Anthony had twins early this morning! Very popular birthday...although I will not be sending out birthday wishes to Drew or the twins! It is almost as crowded as our Sept 11th birthdays....... Logan, Dakota (Dar's cousin's son), & Jay (nephew).


Jennifer said...

My nephew Kacey was also born on Sept 11th... :)

Joel & Lila said...

i'll do my best to see to it we have a kid born on oct 28th