22 February 2008

Brooklin's first track event

Brooklin participated in her first track meet today. It was actually a qualifying run for the real track meet that will happen on March 8th. She ran and won the 400 m in 00:01:14, and the second place was 00:01:21...six whole seconds after she crossed the line! It was kind of cool, she was running all by herself there at the end. She raced against four other sixth grade girls, and they were taking the top three to the Kiwani's (not sure of the spelling or pronounciation) meet in two weeks. The boy that won the sixth grade boys 400 m, had a time of 00:01:13, so she is almost as fast as the boys. He actually might have gotten a better time, if he hadn't run right out of his shoe at the end....it wasn't tied good and he ran kind of funny for a few steps, and then his shoe came off, and he finished in one sock and one shoe.

This is the video of her race.


just me said...

she did a great job! she has the longest legs i've ever seen! congrats to her.

~ jannet

Joel & Lila said...

allright brooklin! you are a track star