06 February 2008

My favorite place on Maui

**GPS coordinates for this location **
N 20° 46.528 W 156° 19.525
While Darwin's family was here, we took them up to Pulehu chapel. It was built in 1850 or so and it is the oldest LDS church building still standing in Hawaii, and one of the first permanent structures built by the church in Hawaii. It was completed in 1851, and was restored just a few years ago. The accoustics are amazing inside the chapel, and since Lisa (Darwin's youngest sister) and I both love to sing, we decided to sing "Nearer My God To Thee". Her husband Austin took this video...and I thought it would turn out to be really spiritual, but when you have an Isaiah around, things don't always go as planned. =) Also singing with us are Brooklin, Darwin's dad, baby Cameryn, and Caleb.

Pulehu is my favorite place on Maui. Just recently, we had a ward fireside there, and it is one I will always remember. I felt the spirit very strongly, and so did everyone who attended. I am adding some other pictures of the chapel and the grounds.

Pulehu Chapel and congregation in 1880.

Pulehu Chapel in 2001, before it's renovation.

Pulehu chapel grounds in 2008. The elders live in the house next to the chapel. This was taken by Brooklin.

This is the plaque from the "monument" on the grounds, and a picture of the first presidency that is on the wall inside the chapel.

The front of the chapel and the sacrament table and trays.

A desk in the entry, and the chairs that are up on the stand.

A side shot of the chapel, (the baptismal font is dircetly behind the chapel) and a picture of the pews. If you click on the picture to make it bigger...you can see Isaiah pulling the rope to ring the bell in the tower. BTW, The other people in the pictures are our friends the Cabatu family....their car is the one we put post its all over.

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