03 March 2008

Tagged by Lila

I've never been "Tagged" before, so I hope this is how I'm supposed to do it. Lila (my sister-in-law) tagged me in her blog...I don't think I will tag anyone, since I really don't know the rules quite yet, but it was fun, and I hope you learn something in the process. If you don't you might need to read it through again.

5 things on my to do list

1. Finish the binding on the penguin quilt, so I can start another quilt.
2. Apply for college...at UAS
3. Finish mucking out my craft room
4. Learn to play the guitar
5. Exercise 4 days a week

10 things I enjoy - in random order

1. reading
2. sewing
3. crochet
4. going to the beach
5. geocaching/hiking
6. taking pictures
7. leading the music in primary
8. talking on the phone
9. blogging/keeping up with family on the internet
10. my faimly

Suddenly a billionaire?

I wouldn't let anyone know...but I would share it all secretly with everyone I know, and of course buy a really nice house in Juneau, AK

5 jobs I have had

1. Burger King cook
2. Shoe sales at JCPenney
3. Customer service rep at Key Bank
4. Mom
5. Volunteer

5 things most people don't know about me

1. I have had chronic hives for 3 years now...meaning I get hives every single day, and no one knows why. My doctor calls me the itchy lady.
2. Darwin bought me a really cool sewing maching this week. It is a baby lock ellure plus, and it is very cool!
3. I ate cookies and played video games for 6 months, and lost 10 lbs.
4. I want to have a pet lovebird...or two.
5. I know where we are moving this summer, and if you read this entire entry carefully, you will know too. =) It is kind of interesting, and I think we are really going to have fun, especially the kids.


Lila said...

UAS = University of Alaska
Juneau, Alaska

Is this correct?

just me said...

are we heading back to alaska?!? if so, how FUN!!

~ jannet

Melissa said...

you got it Lila!

Becca said...

When do you move to Alaska? We are going on a cruise there this summer. We have a day in Juneau.

Melissa said...

Hey Becca,

I am not sure of the exact date, but I think it is near the 15th of July. That would be so cool if we were both there at the same time!