29 March 2008

Flip Video Underwater

We finally got to use our flip video in the water.

This is Darwin diving to the bottom and coming back up. It was around 35 ft.

This is one of the kids in the water....Brooklin is trying to help London back into the boat by pushing on her hiney, and Caleb is at the end of the clip

This last clip is of a surgeon fish. The camera doesn't have good zoom, especially in the waterproof case, so this one actually let Dar get pretty close to it.


Anonymous said...

He's a cute little guy! With his little yellow flippers (fins) flapping out and in!!! Rs

Jen said...

What a cool video camera you have. It's amazing you can do video underwater like that. I feel for you about the snorkeling--I've tried it a couple times and I totally panic once I get under the water. Something about hearing yourself breathe through the snorkel is just weird. Jace went on one of those boats out to Molokini but they weren't in the water very long before the jellyfish came and they had to get out. He thoroughly enjoyed the trip out there though. Looks like you guys are getting all the enjoyment you can out of Hawaii before you have to leave!