09 March 2008

Gold and Silver

Brooklin did really well at her track meet on Saturday. We had to be there at 7:45 am, and when we left at 1:30pm, there were still the 100 m, the 50 m, and the relay races left to go! There were about 10 middle schools represented...which was more than I knew existed here! There are a lot of private schools, so I guess I wasn't counting as many.

Brooklin's events were the long jump and the 400 m. Her three trys in the long jump were 11 ft. 1/2 in., 11 ft. 1/2 in., and 12 ft 10 in. After her second jump at the same distance, one of the officials told her she was taking off too soon, and she should try to get a little closer to the line. She won first place in the long jump, with the second and third places jumping 11 ft. 11 in., and 11 ft. 6 in. (all three of them made their best distance on their third jump.) She placed second in the 400 m. The girl who won has been training since she was six, so we felt really proud of her for coming in second. This is only the second time she has ever run an actual race(or done the long jump), and they haven't had any coaching or practicing at her school, just whatever time they have in PE. Not even anything after school. We hope that when we move, the school there will have a better track program.

OK, the last few posts have been all about Brooklin....I need to write about some of the rest of us. =)

I am sick. I sent Darwin to church with all the kids, and I am at home right now "resting". I really am, I just needed to eat lunch, and I am eating it while I type. I have some kind of sore throat/lung gunk thing, but my nose is fine....not stuffy or runny. Caleb spent Saturday with his friend Jordan's family at the beach. London was sick on Thursday and Friday, but she is mostly better now. Isaiah went on a whale watching boat this week with all 8 kindergarten classes. They took four of the classes out on the boat, while the other four went to a classroom in the Pacific Whale Foundation building and learned about whales, and then they switched. He had a lot of fun, and saw a lot of whales. Darwin took the scouts out to the shooting range Saturday, and they all got to shoot a shot gun, and a .22 I think. None of the scouts got qualified, but I think they all still had fun.

Well, there is a little about the rest of us.

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