17 March 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Each year, we have a sneaky leprechaun that plays tricks at our house on St. Patrick's Day. His name is Calvin O'Russell. This year, he made a rainbow in our living room. Each string had a name attached to it, and after the kids followed their rainbow, there was a piece of gold at the end. Afterward, we had green waffles for breakfast. We are going camping for the next few days...see all the backpacks in the living room?....so I need to go and help get ready.


Jen said...


You're so lucky to have cool leprechauns come visit you every year! I hope your kids appreciate all that you do for them--I wish I had half your creativity! :-)

I gotta say, I loved the penguin quilt. You are so talented.

Have a great time camping!


Anonymous said...

I wondered if Calvin O made it this year and just what kinda mischief he was up to. I miss those days of fun with my kids. I hope you all have good memories. We had a quick corned beef dinner and that was about all. How long are you camping for? Where?
Love, Mommer

sarastrasser said...

Very fun. I will have to rememeber that one for my kids next year.

MorganStrasser said...

It sounds like you have a lot more energy as a parent than I do.
Although I have to admit that even with energy and motivation the idea of a leprechahn sneaking arround my home when we are all asleep sounds pretty disturbing. I would check for missing gold jewelry after every visit from Mr. O'Russel. Then I would check to make sure that my first born was still there. Was Rumplestiltskin a leprechahn? He was in my book!