06 March 2008

More from Spirit week

Wednesday was pajama day, and Brooklin wore the pajamas I made her for Christmas. Lots more kids dressed up for pajama day, since it wasn't as difficult or embarrassing for them.

Today (Thursday) was called Terrible Thursday, and the kids were supposed to dress in mismatched clothing. I actually saw a few kids dressed up this morning when I dropped Brooklin at school. She wore a reggae hat (I made this one), one braid, a very colorful scarf, one earring, a blue/brown print shirt, pink stripped capris, one oscar the grouch sock, one santa sock, and two different shoes. I think it is fun that she likes to participate. I was always one of the kids that didn't participate in these kind of fun days, because I was afraid someone would laugh at me. She is having a ball with it though.

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sarastrasser said...

Good for her for dressing up. I dressed up when I was in school.