11 March 2008

It is finally done!!!

It took a little over 2 months to finish, but I finally got the penguin quilt finished. Here are eight shots of it. I'm really excited (and so is Caleb) that it is "pau". The last five weeks have been all handstitching on the back, which I found out I don't really like doing, but it turned out awesome. If you click on the pictures, you can see them larger, and on the close up one of the back of the quilt, you can see the handstitching along the seams. The blocks were machine quilted, individually, as were the yellow strips (sashing). Then I used the quilt as you go method/handstitching, to attach each block and sashing piece together, and I also hand stitched the back of the binding on.

The front

The back
Front on back
Close up of back

Four close ups of the front


Anonymous said...



Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

I like it. It's very pretty.

sarastrasser said...

Impressive!! I love making blankets but I am terrible at it. I lose patience after a while and get very sloppy and then they fall apart when I wash them. Yours looks very professional and that it will survive the washing machine.

Coach B. said...

Cute quilt. Love the wisdom teeth pictures from a few posts ago. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had no idea that when you said "Quilt" you meant "QUILT!!!" Did you use your new machine to do all the appliquéing? HOW long did it take you to do that? You should be very proud. I have never done even a "reglee-er" quilt or quilt of any kind. But I have to wonder....did you really enjoy the whole process or would you ever do that sort of thing again. Lucky Caleb! And I bet all the other kids have put in their requests now too. Right? Good girl!! Love, Mom

just me said...

you are amazing!! i am very impressed - you need to move back to arizona so you can teach me how to do that!


You amaze me! That quilt is so cool! By the way, the blanket you made for Siosi is my favorite. I always get comments on it. People ask about it all the time! Maybe you should make quilts like that and sell them online. I'd buy one!