04 March 2008

Middle School Spirit Week

This week is Spirit Week at Brooklin's school. Monday was Monster Monday, and the kids were supposed to wear a Halloween type costume. Brooklin chose her very favotire costume, that I partially made for her for Halloween when she was like seven. The belt and the boot tops just barely fit. ;) She said there were only a handful of people who dressed up, and people stared at her all day, but she kept the costume on until it was time to go to the store after dinner. When we went to pick her up from school, Caleb said, "Well, there's our little pirate!" It was funny.
Little Miss Pirate
Today was called 70's disco day. We went to Savers last night and bought her the shirt, pants, and head band, and then we also bought a pillow case so I could make bell bottoms out of the pants. They didn't have any beads/necklaces, so on the way home, we stopped at Wal-Mart and got her a bunch of beads. A random teacher stopped her in the hall, and told her that he went to school in the 70's and she looked exactly like the way everyone dressed back then. Again, she was one of only a handful that dressed up, but she did say that everyone thought she was really cool and lots of people talked to her that normally wouldn't.
Miss Hippie

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sarastrasser said...

I love that she dressed up. It sounded like fun getting the stuff together.