03 June 2009

Happy 9th Birthday London!

London's 9th birthday was today! She got earrings, two shirts, a skirt, a journal, a bunch of Littlest Pet Shop figures, a craft kit from Gammy, and a new bike. We went tonight to let her pick out the bike. I told her that the sign said it was a boys bike, but she didn't care, because the bike was blue and she really like it. She had just barely learned to ride without the training wheels right before we left Maui, and once we got here, it was too wet and snowy. We just pulled their bikes out recently, and everyone's chains are completely rusted and the tires were all flat and cracked, so now everyone needs new bikes again...blah! She has had a lot of fun riding her new bike.

We didn't have cake today because it got too late (after going to the store to get the bike after dinner) and I volunteered at the school all day today for field day, so we are just going to have cake for her and Isaiah on his birthday (on Sat.)

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