20 June 2009

One down, ninteen to go!

Isaiah lost his very first tooth today! He had been complaining about it for weeks, and wasn't eating very good because it was hurting him. We were eating lunch (little microwave pizzas which he loves), but he was just sort of pushing his around and picking at it. Darwin asked me to pull his tooth out so he could eat. He whimpered just a little as I tugged it out...but as soon as it was free, he grabbed it and started to inspect it. He left his tooth in our tooth fairy pillow with a post-it note that said "Isaiah's tooth" on it, so the tooth fairy would know it was his. He also wanted to clean the tooth for the tooth fairy, so she would leave him more money...so funny! The tooth fairy left him a dollar bill and a pile of change that ended up being 101 cents, so he got a total of $2.01 for his tooth. His plan is to use that money and the $2.00 he got for his birthday to buy an otter pop, a soda, and a candy bar!


Kelly said...

awesome! :)

Jen said...

Jace lost a tooth yesterday. He's down to only having four left to go. Unfortunately, he put it under his pillow but the tooth fairy forgot to come and get it. I told him maybe it was because he wrapped it in a paper towel although I'm pretty sure it was because that silly fairy was just too sleepy to get out of bed to get it. Congratulations to Isaiah!

Rana said...

Good choice for the use of his tooth fairy money! Tell him if he eats too much pop and candy the teeth will not fall out.................they will rot out and then the tooth fairy won't want them!