06 June 2009

London & Isaiah's birthday wishlists

  • Nintendo DS Light
  • a night light
  • yarn
  • new shoes
  • a hair cut
  • shorts and t-shirts
  • sunglasses
  • skateboard
  • IPod touch
  • new pet shop toys
  • a jump rope
  • water balloons
  • mini TV
  • laptop
  • toy bow and arrow
  • new bike and helmet
  • notebook
  • a good looking book to read
  • polly pockets
  • fairy dolls

  • jump rope
  • water balloons
  • safari hat
  • squirt gun set
  • april fools dinner
  • r2d2 cake
  • mini trampoline
  • boy polly pockets
  • the yellow bike at Fred Meyer
  • Nintendo DS light
  • fishing pole
  • scuba gear (with flippers)
  • sunscreen
  • my own Idaho Spud bar
  • flashlight
  • a new sleeping bag
  • yarn
  • swimming suit
  • new shoes
  • golf set
  • a kite that's really cool
  • mini tv
  • a coloring book
  • a mohawk
There are a few other things on their lists that I can't make out...but they made me smile!


Jen said...

London's cracked me up. "A good looking book to read"??? That's so funny. Those are such cute lists though. I'm glad you shared. And did you ever find out what they wanted the yarn for?

Rana said...

And do they have Boy polly pockets? He must really enjoy the April fools dinners if he asks for them 2 months later for his birthday. Did he get an r2d2 cake??

Rana said...

PS> Can you get Idaho Spud bars in Juneau? I could send you some but only if you let Isaiah have his very own!