08 June 2009

The sun never goes to bed, and neither do my children!

In a week or two we will have our longest day of the year. As of today, the sun doesn't go down until 11pm, and is coming back up by 4 am. This is a problem because it makes it hard to go to sleep at night...especially for the kids. Darwin and I have been getting to bed later as well. So, the first day of summer vacation, I helped the kids make their own sleeping masks! I have TONS of scrap fabric and they each got to pick out their own colors and textures. I already had a book with a pattern for a sleeping mask in it, so this project was "free". They all cut out their own fabric and I made the binding and pinned them together. The three older kids used the sewing machine mostly by themselves, and Isaiah sat on my lap and pushed the foot peddle to sew his. This is their finished projects!

Who knows how long before the fun wears off, but they were sure excited to use them tonight!


Cherie said...

Those are just too cute!! Our first summer in Juneau I hung quilts over the windows because I couldn't get it dark enough with the blinds. But eventually we got used to it, but still woke very early. I need to make me one now because I've started working night shifts and have trouble sleeping more than about 4-5 hours during the day and I need more sleep than that~at least to function half way decent!

Rana said...

Cody and Jody's kids have used these for a long time and Marnie has one too.....sure helps with more than the light .........if they can't look around they get to sleep much faster!