28 June 2009

4 generations of Darwin

Darwin's dad and grandpa are here visiting us/fishing for a week or two. They just got in last night. Since today is Sunday and we don't fish on Sunday...we went out to the glacier after church. The last time Darwin's grandpa was here was seven years ago, and this is his dad's first trip here since we moved back. In 2002 when they both were here last time, I took this four generation picture...Caleb was only four years old. I think it is amazing that all four of my children have at least one, four generation photo of them with a parent, grandparent, and great grandparent. I think all of my great grandparents were dead by the time I was around 10...and my children still have six living great grandparents!

The special thing about this particular four generation picture, is that everyone in the picture is named Darwin. Darwin Ernest (grandpa), Darwin Melvin (Dad), Darwin Alan (my husband), and Darwin Caleb (our son). While we were at the glacier this evening, I was able to capture these other three shots of our four Darwins. It is amazing to see how everything has changed...including the glacier! Look how much more of the mountain you can see in the second picture than the first one!

The other two shots were just really funny. It took me at least three tries to get a picture of all of them with their hands on their chins, and the last picture is actually the first one I took. They are all doing something different! I am so grateful for family.

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Rana said...

I looked at the pictures first and didn't even notice that the first one was when Caleb was much younger. Why has the glacier changed so much? Global warming???? Dar looks like he has gotten a little grayer in the last 7 years!