29 June 2009

Fishing with dad and grandpa, Day 1

Dad and grandpa came on Saturday. That night they decided to make preparations for fishing. I told them that there were kings in at fish creek and so we decided to spend the first day working to get the kings. We went down to fish creek in the morning. Braving the no-see-ums we threw out cast after cast. I went to the mouth of fish creek and was not having any luck so I came back to the pond and found that dad had traveled to the other side from Grandpa and they both had not yet snagged the goal. After fishing for a few minutes with Grandpa I saw that dad had snagged his first fish. We watched him bring it to the shore from afar and I knew if I did not catch a fish now I would not hear the end of it. After a few minutes Grandpa spotted a school of fish not too far from where we were and I cast into them and hooked a fish. Dad had the gaff so I was forced to drag the fish ashore and keep it at bay until I could get it on a stringer. Then dad was lucky to get another fish on and the bugs got the best of me. It was a fun day of fishing.

Dad admiring my fish.

Working the fish over. With the three men going to work on the catch.

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