03 July 2009

Airport trail

We decided to get out of the house today. There is a wetlands trail that goes around the backside of the airport that we haven't been on since we moved back in Juneau, so we loaded up the backpacks and headed out. It was really hot out today and sunny! We had fun just being outside.

This is a panoramic from a spot on the trail. I stood in one spot and took five pictures, then photoshoped them into one. The trail is straight...but it looks parallel in this picture.

Half way down the trail is this big old fallen tree.

Brooklin and Caleb on the trail.

This is the little shelter we stopped at to eat our lunches...it is right next to the big fallen tree.

These purple flowers are called fireweed. They are everywhere...and I think they are beautiful.

This is the end of the trail. The kids climb on this root clump for awhile before we headed back.

There were these really pretty blue dragonflies at the end of the trail. This one held still long enough for me to get his picture.

This is a picture of the water runway for the float planes to take off and land on. It is at the beginning of the trail, and is right behind the regular runway.

Shadow shapes


Brooklin at the end of the trail

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