25 July 2009

Saturday at the range

Today we took the kids out to the range to shoot. Everyone did a little better than the last time we were out there. Brooklin got three bulls eyes, I got two, and Darwin and Caleb both got one. In Darwin's defense, he didn't get very many turns. He was helping the kids more than I was and didn't get to shoot as many rounds as we did. We stayed out for two hours and then came home so I could work on my English paper again! It made me cry a little, but then Darwin helped me iron out my topic, and I was able to get half of it written before bedtime. Thank you Dar! The first picture doesn't show some of the bulls eyes, because we had to cover the targets with new ones periodically. The last picture is of a bullet that jammed in the .22...Darwin said hollow points will do that sometimes.

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