21 July 2009

Juneau City Museum

We got used to it being sunny...and it has been raining for five days now. We decided to get out of the house and go to the Juneau City Museum. I went there with Isaiah on a field trip a few months ago, but we didn't get to look through the displays, and London said she has been to it too. We kind of wanted to go so we could get the Treadwell walking tour guide that they sell in the gift shop...but also to see what else was inside. It is a really tiny museum, but it had a lot of good stuff in it. One of the rooms had toys and dress up from long ago. The kids played for 45 minutes in there! They kept coming out in different costumes and wanting me to take pictures. I didn't bring my camera (I really should keep it in the car!) and my phone was on the low end of the battery, but I was able to get three pictures of them in the dress up clothes. It was a fun way to spend our afternoon.

On another note...this is the first blog I've written in several months that I haven't backdated. It really was written right now! Yesterday I posted like 7 new blog entries, but posted them all with correct dates, so browse through the blog...there are probably several entries you haven't seen yet.

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Rana said...

How fun is that! Brooklin didn't cut her hair did she.....it looks like it in the first picture. Zayah looks like a perfect little tart in that outfit!