16 July 2009

John Bytheway and Harry Potter 6!

Yesterday was great! We got to go to a special fireside by John Bytheway!! For those who don't know who John Bytheway is, he is a professor at BYU, and he is an incredible speaker. He has several CD's out of his talks and we all love listening to them. He happened to be on a cruise to Juneau, and was nice enough to give up some of his vacation time with his family, to give a fireside! Oh...and for those who don't know what a fireside is...it is just a casual church meeting. There is usually a speaker or two, but it is not as formal as church...sometimes they are at peoples homes. Anyway, he is like a mormon celebrity, and we were so excited to see him in person. His fireside was from 3:30 until about 5. We ran to Subway to get dinner, and then home to change to go and see Harry Potter 6!

Darwin and the two older kids walked to the theater at about 6pm (for the 7:30 showing) and I got the little kids showered and in jammies, and they went over to a friends house to have a late-over movie night.

The movie was really great. Caleb and Brooklin dressed up, and I wore the necklace I made for the 5th movie. I made Brooklin a sorting hat to wear, and she made herself a "Weasley is our King" t-shirt. We want to go and see it again but will wait at least a week, so we don't have to wait in line again!

The kids dressed up for Harry Potter 6.

My Harry Potter necklace.

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Rana said...

So you dropped the littles off and you DID go to the show WITH the rest of the family. Did you got to a midnight showing? Cali went with a friend but Marnie just wasn't interested enough. Love the necklace and it must be so much fun for the kids to dress up.