11 July 2009

Fishing with the family

This weekend was the Coast Guard fishing derby. We wanted in on the fun, so we took the boat out to catch us some big fish. Kids up to 13 can catch pretty much anything, but the adults are limited to salmon and halibut. In a few weeks, the results will be released at the Coast Guard birthday celebration picnic at Sandy Beach. I caught a halibut, and then got really sea sick. I laid in the boat on my stomach and listened to the kids catch two other halibut, some uglies and a quillback. We were gone most of the day. We all had fun...even though I wasn't feeling so good. Caleb caught a 19 lb. halibut and Brooklin caught a 14 lb one. Mine was a baby, and we threw it back. At the dock at Amalga harbor, Isaiah pulled out his "ugly pole" and tried to catch a chum. No luck with that, but he did catch (for a few seconds) a baby sculpin. It got away, but he was really excited about it.

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