29 July 2009

More fun things growing in our yard

It has been fun this summer discovering all the things that are planted in our yard. There have been so many beautiful flowers! W planted two blueberry bushes in the spring, and they did get a few berries on them, but they aren't ripening very quickly...the neighbor's bushes are ripe and overproducing! We may not get to eat them this year, but we should have a good crop of them next year.

We did see the strawberry plants in the backyard, but didn't know if they would grow anything edible. I went out on Sunday evening, and there were several ripe berries! I only picked six...one for each of us, and then took some pictures. I hope we can clean up the foliage around them by next year, so we can get to them better.

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Rana said...

Hope you got ever-bearing strawberries. I finally had dad roto-till our stupid June bearing ones up. Never got any anyway. We have a bumper crop of apricots this year but they are nasty. Have no taste. Like eating a cotton ball! I'm sad. We ate corn out of our garden tonight............it was awesome!