03 August 2009

Visiting DIPAC with Micah's family

Micah and his family are here visiting for a week. They arrived this afternoon and after moving all the suitcases into the house, we drove down to the DIPAC (Douglas Island Pink and Chum) fish ladder. The fish ladder is 450 ft long, and is the longest in Alaska. Most of the salmon that return to the hatchery are Chums (or Dog Salmon) and Pinks (or Humpey Salmon)...although they do have a few others. Chinook (King Salmon), Silvers (Coho Salmon), and Reds (Sockeye Salmon) also have an occasional appearance. It is really amazing to see the water literally boiling and jumping with that many fish all in one spot.

Many Chum

Caleb and Aria in the cutout...Aria was too short, so Micah was hiding behind the cutout and holding her up.

Isaiah was too short, so he stuck his face in the hand hole.

London and Teagan

Teagan watching the salmon in the ladder window.

Aria decided to go rock climbing at the fish ladder.

The kids posing in front of the bear statue in front of the visitors center

London and Teagan

Inside the visitors center (London pushing Teagan, my brother Micah, and his wife Cori)

Teagan checking out a baby king crab

Aria with the baby king crab

Aria and Teagan


ummmm...Aria....there is a big brown bear behind you!

Kids at the touch tank

Teagan loves to point...a lot

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