06 August 2009

East Glacier Trail Hike

We went on two hikes yesterday! The first one was the East Glacier Trail. The East Glacier Trail is a loop trail starting at the back of the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors center. It is 3 miles around, and it took us about 3 hours to hike it...with stopping to eat, rest stops, taking pictures, and waiting for those who lagged a little. (we were all guilty of this!)

I am really scared of bears, so I made sure to let the bears know we were coming...I wore a set of bear bells on my backpack! It worked! The only bear we saw the whole trip was a small bear sticker on the ground. Isaiah took a picture with it, and pretended to be scared. =) This hike is really beautiful, and took us up right over the top of Nugget Falls.

One of the last pictures is of Isaiah and Aria at AJ Falls. Micah and Cori thought it was pretty funny...AJ...Aria Joye Falls! They said she does fall a lot. =) Aria and Isaiah were just the cutest on the trail. They held hands most of the time and had on matching hiking boots. They really are a lot alike in many ways, and have been playing and talking each other's ears off! If you know either of them...they both have A LOT of really interesting things to say, and it was funny to listen to their conversations. Micah said at one point on the fishing trip yesterday, Aria had gone on so long, Isaiah was just kind of at a loss for how he was going to break into the conversation! They are quite the pair!

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Looks like fun!