20 August 2009

Just an update, I guess...

We are all good here in Alaska. Summer ended abruptly this week...last Thursday it was hot and sunny, like in the 70's, and then it all went downhill. Sunday and Monday it poured rain...really poured. The Mendenhall River broke out of it's bed, flooding some areas right off it's banks. It hasn't made it above 60 this whole week...mostly it has been hanging in the mid 50's.

Darwin has been gone a lot this past two weeks as well. He went to do inspections in Gustaveus on the 12th and 13th and then was in Sitka for some training from the 17th to the 19th. He came home last night, but is leaving with Caleb on the ferry at 3pm to go on a rafting trip with the scouts in Canada until Sunday afternoon. Darwin was called to be the Scoutmaster 4 weeks ago, and this trip was scheduled before he was called. Caleb isn't technically old enough to go...but both Darwin and the Young Men's president have 11 yr. old boys, so they both get to go because their dads are going. Caleb is really excited.

I finished up my summer English course on Aug. 1st and ended up with a 96%! I really hate writing papers...especially for English...but it isn't reflected in my grade. I started one of my fall classes on July 23rd...piano lessons. The teacher is wanting to get my class done early since she has another commitment coming up and won't be able to teach during the end of the fall semester. I have signed up for 10 credits in the fall. I will be taking Math 107 (the last math class I am required to take for my degree), World History, the piano lessons, and a Spinning class. I thought that maybe if I was getting a grade for exercising, I may actually do some! ha!! I am still really having fun going to school, and like the challenge.

I am ready for the kids to be back in school. They begin on the 31st (and I start classes on Sept. 3rd). I can't believe I'll have two kids in middle school this year! So crazy...and next year I will have a high school student!!!

Well, I need to go. I have to go have some blood drawn this morning. I had my cholesterol checked last month (and it was great) but they found that my calcium levels were low, so they are going to check them again and see if something needs to be done. Have a great weekend!

***I got the results back from my blood work, and my calcium levels are normal...so everything is good. ***

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Kelly said...

I wish it was cooler here, like it is there...it's been anywhere from the mid 80s to the mid 90s lately.