19 July 2009

The Fawcetts

Our friends Robert and Chris Fawcett came to visit us for the day. They came in on the Zaandam at noon. Darwin picked them up, and they came to church with us. I made them halibut enchiladas for dinner, and they we went exploring. We went to the Mendenhall Glacier and walked around for awhile. We took pictures and had fun visiting in the rain. They were interested in seeing the mining ruins on the Treadwell trail, so we loaded up and drove over to Sandy Beach. On the way there, Darwin took them to DIPAC to see the salmon ladder. We spent an hour on the Treadwell trail. We walked up to the Glory Hole, and then through the ruins of the Assay Office and the vault. It rained on us the entire time, but we had a great time with our company. They had to be back to the cruise ship by 8:30pm so Darwin took them back, and I took the kids home to get ready for bed.

The Fawcetts are friends of ours from when we lived in Maui. Robert was our bishop for two of the three years we were there, and Chris was in Primary with me. They moved away to Yakima, WA a year before we moved back to Juneau. They needed a vacation, and decided to cruise the inside passage! It was great seeing them...even for just a few hours.

btw...they took all the pictures with their camera, so I don't actually have any to post... ! They said they would email some, so if they do, I will add a picture or two later on. =)

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Rana said...

I'm sure you never get tired of having company but do you get tired of dragging people to all the same things that you have seen millions of times before! Or do you just see it with new eyes each time?