17 June 2009

Tourists will take pictures of ANYTHING!

This series of pictures were taken in a 27 minute time frame. I could have easily taken 3 or 4 other shots, but the crowds around the subject matter wouldn't have made for a very good picture. I laughed more (to myself) in the hour I sat there tourist watching, than I have in awhile.

See her camera?
She is taking a picture of something on the ground...

This woman sees something too...and she takes a picture.

I wonder what is so fascinating, there on the ground?

Honey...check this out!

Think of the scrapbook pages these people will have of their trip to Juneau, AK!
Stunning whales...massive glaciers...beautiful scenery....
and bear poo!!!

(btw...I made Brooklin take this picture, because I didn't want to be the one taking a picture of bear poo!)

Video of the event too...since I had my video camera with me.