04 June 2009

5th grade promotion

Caleb has graduated from elementary school and will be going to middle school next year with Brooklin!! His school had a fun little ceremony for the them and their families. The principal started by giving out special awards. Caleb was surprised to have his name called for a special award. He got a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Citizenship and Courteousness. There were about seven other kids that received this award, and the certificate came with a pin.

After the special awards, they called each of the kids up to receive their "diplomas". When that was done, they had their school band play, and then this drum group play (it was all 4th and 5th graders in the band and drum groups). Next the entire 5th grade did this really cool step/clap dance and then the Virginia Reel...I got those on video.

I can't believe Caleb is old enough to go to middle school next year. Brooklin asked if she had to walk home with him after school...ummm YEA! She will be in 8th grade and isn't interested in being seen with a lowly 6th grader... =)

Caleb with his teacher, Mrs. Vreeland, and with his two certificates.

Receiving his award and diploma from Mr. Wilson the principal

this is the step and reel dances...it is 6 minutes long, but it was pretty cool.
(Caleb is hard to see, but he is in the center line...right under the word Valley on the sign...and he is fifth back, wearing a navy blue shirt)

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The Lathrop's said...

i liked the step/clap dance thing they did - they did a great job!