06 June 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Isaiah!

Isaiah and London made me wishlists for their birthdays. They were hilarious! One of the things on both of their lists, was "yarn"...??? So as a trick, we wrapped up five small balls of yarn, and that was the only present we set out for Isaiah in the morning. (The kids only get five presents) Anyway, he opened the yarn, counted it, and then we told him that was all his presents! He was not happy...but he has lived with us too long to know that that really was the end of his presents. We play too many tricks for him to believe this one! He also got a sunday suit (I bought him sunday clothes, but gave them to him last week, so the suit Gammy bought him got wrapped up for his birthday), a coloring book, an "Ugly Pole" as he calles it, a tackle box, and a book and bowling game from my parents. He also asked to go fishing for his birthday, so we went out all day on the boat too.

The tackle box and fishing pole were his favorite presents. We added several random things to the tackle box...a carabeaner, a box of bandaids, a magnifying glass, stickers, a pulley, and rope...because one time, my parents gave my brother a box of random stuff for his birthday, and he thought it was the greatest thing ever. Aparently it is!

Happy about the yarn, and then kind of fake sad!

Sunday suit and coloring book.

Thank you gammy and gampy (and Marnie and Logan)

Tackle box and Ugly Pole

We went out in the boat for the rest of the day. We tried for awhile to catch some salmon for bait, but they really aren't in yet, so we went out and set the crab pots. After that, we tried fishing for halibut. Brooklin got a pacific cod, but as soon as she got it up out of the water, it flipped off the hook and back to the ocean it went. The only other fish we caught were two double uglies. We decided to be done fishing after several hours... and three bored kids... We went to check the crab pots on the way in. There were two dungeness crab in the first pot (one keeper) and three in the second pot (one keeper). That really wasn't enough for us to keep, so we gave them to a friend of ours who was out pulling his pots. He had a bunch of company, and was grateful we shared.

I think I will copy their birthday lists into the next post...they really were funny!

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Rana said...

It's ALMOST as fun as being there to see the pictures and happy faces and sad faces. Does the suit fit please post a picture of him in it!