30 May 2009

Piano Recital

Today was Brooklin and London's piano recital. The recital was supposed to be last Sunday, but we told the teacher we couldn't come, so she changed it for us! (Good thing too...four of her other students are also LDS, and may not have been able to come either). The girls did a great job. I am so impressed with how far they have come in the 9 months they have been taking lessons here. Their teacher (in the blue dress next to London) is a classically trained pianst from China, and has only lived in the United States for two or three years. She is very strict and it's hard to understand her sometimes, but they are learning so much from her. Her husband teaches Suzuki violin lessons and is an expert violinist. I'm not sure of the names of either of the songs the girls played...the titles were written in Chinese...but they did a really good job.


(she got lost once, but she had the whole song memorized, so I still think this is amazing!)


Shaneen and Bill said...

that is just sickning how well they are doing. I remember in Maui 3 years ago they were just barely picking things out and now they are amazing. I hope one day I will be able to play like that-yeah right!

Rana said...

London ----great job! I think you did great! I wish I could have been there to see it in person. How long have you been taking lessons now?

Brooklin----I can't even believe you can play so well, I remember when you played Swans on the Lake for me on the phone and I thought you were so good (for your age) then. This was truly amazing.Now I understand why you played for your school choir. Your mom says you like to play fast and you certainly can! Absolutely awesome! Kisses to you both and 2 big hugs!!!

The Lathrop's said...

Great job London & Brooklin!

I love the piano - my Mom plays & teaches. As a kid I grew up listening to her.

Angeline and Matt said...

first of all good job girls. 2nd what age do they start lessons? and 3rd what kind of camera do you have that allows such long video recordings?