02 May 2009


...and all the snow in my yard is gone as of last night! I had to help it along. I went out twice a day this whole week and threw the snow from the yard back into the driveway so it could melt faster. Last night we thatched the front and backyards and raked a majority of the moss out of the "lawn". We got 6 black garbage bags of just moss!! This morning, we got 4 more bags of lawn rubbish...sticks, leaves, garbage, etc. Brooklin took four trees out with a grub axe and Darwin built a cover for our fire pit. We also found out that we have a brick boarder in our backyard! It was covered with moss, and Isaiah and London found it while raking the yard. It makes a nice big oval in our backyard for the grass, and then it is supposed to be surrounded by gravel...but most of the gravel is covered with weeds and, you guessed it, MOSS! I swept out the garage, and Caleb helped with everything. It has been super sunny here...I think going on 11 days of no rain! We had to water the planter boxes today it was so hot. All the kids are slightly pink from the sun and we got to wear shorts and short sleeves today! I know that most of you who don't live here won't be as excited about the 11 days of sun, but it is unheard of up here. The parks are FULL to copacity and people are swimming in the lakes! Very fun stuff.

Brooklin finally was able to try out her RipStick today. She got it for Christmas, but has only tried it in the garage, since it has been too snowy outside for it. Caleb casually walked up to her and said, "Hey Brooklin, I'd like a try to break my head." !!!!HA!!!!! and with that, I'm going back out to enjoy the sunshine.


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Rana said...

Yea!for warm weather..You are hotter than us! Was this a hard winter? I don't remember you still having snow in May when you lived there before. Are you gonna try to recover the brick and gravel idea? Sounds kinda cool to me.

Please be careful with your neck Brooklin and Caleb, you stay away from that thing!!!