07 May 2009

1st track meet

Brooklin had her first track meet this afternoon. She ran the 1600, the 400, and did the long jump. The meet lasted for about two hours, and it poured rain the entire time...but since we live in rain country...it was business as usual!

Her first run was the 1600. When the starting shot was fired, she hesitated just a little and never did quite catch up to the leading group of three girls. She ran in the sixth place for all but the last 200 yards, then two other girls passed her. The last 100 yards, she turned it up three notches, and passed three girls to come in fourth. She just sped past them! I was impressed!

Her second event was supposed to be the 800. She was waiting in line to do the long jump, when her friend came to get her to race. Brooklin knew that she was in two races with her friend, so she just went. When she got to the starting line she said, "So, two times around then?" The guy looked at her and said, "No, just once for the 400." She was like ... well, I guess since I'm here I'm racing the 400... She ended up coming in first place. (The second picture is of her at the half way point of the 400). Since she still needed to do the long jump, she didn't end up running the 800. Oh well. =)

On the long jump, we don't know how she did, but she scratched two of her jumps and they let her sneak in a fourth one. I had just a little fun with photoshop and her long jump pictures. Instead of posting all four of them, I selected her out of three of the shots and pasted them into the fourth shot. It isn't perfect, but it works.

Getting ready to run the 400...see all the rain?

Half way through the 400...see the snow lining the track!? It isn't totally gone everywhere yet! And just if you were wondering, the field is turf...nobody has that much green in their yards yet either! HA!

The long jump.


Joel & Lila said...

wow, that long jumping shot is pretty sweet. you did a great job with photoshop! Can't wait to see more. Tell Brooklin congrats for coming in first and for doing a good job with track.

Marnie Strasser said...

I like that last one!!! that is pretty cool!