07 May 2009

City Math League Top Winner

Dear Parent of a City Math League Winner,

The teachers and administrators of the School District are please to invite you to the annual City Math League Celebration. This celebration is the culmination of a year-long math competition for students in the elementary grades. It is our way of rewarding students for their fine efforts in the study of mathematics.

The top winners in each grades 3-5 from each elementary school will be honored at this event. We look forward to your participation.


Extended Learning Teacher

London was one of the top four winners for her grade in the city math league. We are very proud of her for doing so well in school. Her "E.L." teacher called me up on Friday to let us know that we were invited to attend an awards ceremony to honor the winners of the competition.

Good Job London!
Mom and Dad

btw...London is now wearing glasses full time, and the poor girl has sprouted her first patch of acne! So sad...she got both of those things from me! = (

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