09 May 2009

A Teenager in the House

Brooklin became an official teenager this morning at 3:22 am (MDT). She had an awesome day. She got up early and we made her one of her favorite breakfasts...homemade egg"McMuffins". (a toasted english muffin topped with a slice of cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs with bacon.) After breakfast, she got to open her presents. She got a new dress (made by me!), 4 pairs of knee-hi picture socks, and a Nintendo DS, an accessory pack and a game called SimAnimals.

Next, she left with her dad to go out to Auke Bay to go on a boat ride. There is a fishing tour operation near here that ordered new boats for their business, and needed help driving the boats out to their place. Darwin is friends with the owner's son, and gladly volunteered to help out. It just happened to be on Brooklin's birthday, so she got to go too! I hear she even drove the boat for awhile! (Darwin took some video, but I haven't seen it yet...I will post it as soon as I get it downloaded). After they got out to the lodge, they had lunch, and then got to ride in a float plane back to Juneau. (I need to get Darwin's camera so those pictures can make it here too).

After they were back in town, I went and picked them up at the airport and we headed downtown. There is a tramway here in downtown Juneau. One day a year, they have a sort of local appreciation day. Normally, the price to ride up the side of the mountain is $27 a person...but today only, it was only $6 a piece! We have all been up there once before (last time we lived here) but I don't think any of them remember it (except maybe Brooklin). They have asked to go up on it several times, so I am glad I completely stumbled across the message on facebook telling about it. (thanks to Kathy for posting about it!!) I will also post those pictures in another post. We got to ride up the tram, which goes up to 1800 feet from 6 feet. There is a theater, museum, restrauant, and gift shop up there, along with a bald eagle. The eagle comes up for the tourist season. She was injured and is not releaseable, so she is now a star attraction at the Mount Roberts Tramway.

When we got home, we sang to her and had her birthday cheesecake. It was called chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. It ws a regular cheesecake with dalops of chocolate chip cookie dough in it. It was sooo good and sooo rich! After that, Darwin and I let her stay up to play her DS until midnight....because we went out to see the new Star Trek movie at 10 pm...which was awesome. Here are some pictures of her birthday.

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Jen said...

Congratulations to Brooklyn! That dress you made is absolutely adorable, and my mouth was watering at the description, then the picture, of the cake. Yumm! I sure hope that the arrival of the teen years doesn't signal the beginning of the hormonal outbursts and waterworks tantrums that sometimes come along with teenagehood. I'm sure life is pretty drama free with Brooklyn, right? :-)