29 May 2009

Melissa's suprise trip to Idaho

I mentioned in the previous post that I had to miss out on the final hike at the third grade camp, so I could run home, shower, repack a few things, and make it to the airport to catch a plane to Idaho. I decided on Sunday, May 17th that I was going to Idaho. I bought my ticket on Monday, packed for two different trips on Monday and Tuesday, went camping Wed, Thurs, and Friday, and then flew to Idaho from Friday the 22nd to Thursday the 28th. My brother, Micah and his wife Cori adopted a baby boy in Sept. 2008, and his adoption was finalized on Thursday May 21st, 2009. In our religion, we believe that families can be sealed together for time and eternity in the temple. They were taking their son to the temple to get him sealed to them on Sat. the 23rd. The whole family was going to attend (except for me because I live so far away), but I decided to surprise them all. I only told one of my brothers that I was coming and swore him to secrecy. The only reason I told him was he was thinking of not coming, and if he came, all eight of my parent's children would be together for the first time in seven years!

I got into Boise, ID at 11pm. I hauled my luggage out to the rental car parking lot, and my car was in the very last row, very last spot, furthest from the door parking space available. I got to drive a 2008 Dodge Journey. It was fun looking, it was electric blue, and had a place to cool soda's via the air conditioner right inside the glove box...but it did not get up and go when I told it to. I drove to Darwin's brother's house by midnight and found the hidden key by stumbling around in the dark and using my cell phone as a flashlight. =) His brother's family was camping for the three-day weekend so they weren't home, but they were glad to have someone to watch the house and water their garden while they were away.

I woke up at 6:30 am on Saturday morning and got ready for the day. The sealing wasn't until 2:30 pm, but I wanted to try and get two sessions in at the temple before the sealing, since we don't have a temple nearby where I live. On a side note, I have been able to attend four sessions in the temple this year...twice in Seattle, and twice in Boise! I am so excited that I've had the opportunity to visit the temple so many times this year. It is so refreshing and awesome at the temple. Anyway, back to the story. I parked at the temple at 8:45 am, ran inside, changed my clothes, and made it into the 9am session by a hair! As soon as the 9am session was over, I quickly (and reverently) ;) walked back to the chapel and just barely made it to the 11am session. The session ended at 1pm, and I changed back into my regular clothes and went to the temple cafeteria to have lunch. I got done at 1:30, and wondered what I was going to do for the half hour that was left before people started showing up. I ran into a family friend and sat chatted for a few minutes, then I saw Micah and Cori checking in at the front desk. I forgot they would have to be there early to get their kids situated and to get instructions on how things would proceed. I sat and watched them pull out their recommends and Cori was the first to see me. Her eyes got really big, and her mouth was hanging open! Without taking her eyes off me, she started patting Micah on his shoulder and pointing. He didn't know why she was frantically pointing and nudging him for a minute, but then he saw me, and they were both in shock! It was so fun! I got to witness this reaction several more times, as the members of my family came to the front desk, checked in, and then had to do a double or triple take trying to place me. "It looked just like you, but I knew it couldn't be you, because you are in Alaska!" My mom about had a heart attack and my dad started tearing up. It was the best surprise ever! My favorite line though was from my sister-in-law, Lila. She said, (something to the effect of) "This must be what it is like to go to heaven. You check in at the front desk, and then you get to reunite with family that you haven't seen in a long time."

The sealing was very beautiful, and I am so glad that I was able to attend. My younger siblings were not old enough to go into the sealing room, so they waited in the waiting room with their nieces and nephews. I got to do more surprising and it was so fun to see their faces. My mom didn't let me out of her sight, because she was sure that it wasn't real. =) After the sealing, we all went to a bbq at Micah's house.

My trip was amazing. I got to meet my two adopted nephews (Calvin and Teagan), and one niece(Cambry) and one foster niece(N-baby) that have joined the family since last July when I was there. I got to visit with my friend from elementary school and go shopping at Target and Deseret Book. I got to enjoy my siblings and parents and just have no worries for a few days. It was so wonderful, and I owe it all to my amazing husband...who told me to just go and he would take care of everything while I was gone. He did a great job taking the kids fishing, getting them off to school and piano lessons, and generally holding down the fort. I am so grateful for his willingness to let me go and have fun while he took over for me. Thank you!!!! I love you!!!!

Now for the pictures. I so didn't want to download 50 something pictures on here, since it will only let me do 5 at a time, so I am going to try it this way. I have an album on facebook of my trip, and it says that I can share the album even if you all don't have a facebook. The link is below, and if it doesn't work, will someone please let me know? I can upload them here, and normally I would, but I wanted to try it this way this time.

Oh, there was one more surprise at the end of my trip. I was supposed to come home on Wed. night. I got to the airport, turned in my rental car, got my boarding pass, went through security, got a snack and went to wait at my assigned gate. No sooner had I sat down and started enjoying my fruit/granola yogurt, than the desk agent gets on the intercom and announces that anyone on flight (whatever my flight number was) had to come and see her. Turns out the plane I was supposed to get on had raditor problems wherever it was coming from so it was going to be an hour late getting into Boise. I only had an hour layover in Seattle, so there was no way I was going to make my connection. They gave me two options that involved a lot of sleeping and waiting in different airports, or I could stay in Boise an extra night and fly out in the morning. So I got to spend an extra night with my family before flying home.


David and Kimber Strasser said...

That is so awesome that you did that. I bet they were all so happy.

Jen said...

What a fun trip! I'm sure your family was thrilled to see you. And your album worked, even without a facebook account. Those are great pictures. Looks like you had a blast.