16 May 2009

Pictures from the tram

We went up Mount Roberts on the tram last weekend. It is normally $27/person, but last weekend it was only $6/person. These first four are of downtown Juneau and the Gastineau Channel. The next two are the tram. Next are some funny signs they have up there. Darwin and Isaiah measured their hands with a brown bear track, and Isaiah also did a black bear track. There is a tree up there with native carvings on it, and then the eagle. She was shot through her beak (I think with an arrow) and when she fell to the ground, it detached her retina so she is blind in one eye and can't be released. I got a shot of her "good" and "bad" sides.


Rana said...

Bridge in the first picture goes form Juneau to where? Awesome adventures for Brooklin. How nice of Dar to spend one on one time with her.

Melissa said...

the bridge goes from Juneau to Douglas Island.