13 May 2009

Retro Day...A Blast from the Past

I know that I haven't posted the tram pictures, or the boat/float plane video, or Mother's Day, or even the pictures of the bear Darwin saw on in his work parking lot yesterday....but these were the funniest pictures and I had to come home and post them!

Brooklin is having Spirit Week at her school this week, and today was retro day. She wanted to dress up in her hippie costume again, but the pants don't really fit her anymore and she was bummed. She couldn't think of anything else that would be retro, and was stuck. I told her she could dress up as a late 80's teenager, and that I still had my yellow high top converse from high school. She was all over it! She was so excited about dressing up in bright colors, with pegged pants, two pairs of scrunched socks, and the prize yellow high tops, she almost couldn't sleep last night! =) This morning we did her hair like I did mine in high school...she was laughing so hard! She couldn't believe I did that to my hair EVERYDAY! She said, "Mom! My hair feels like glue! You really wore it like this!!?!" It was creepy how much she pulled it off! Anyway...enjoy this fun blast from the past!


Jennifer said...

lol, so I saw these pictures on facebook as thumbnails, and totally thought they were old pictures of you... When dressed up the way I remember you, she looks soooo much like you! :)

Rana said...

I really think you should post the picture from your jr. year in High school right next to this one (of her) so those people who DON'T remember you with that hair can see the resemblance. It is really remarkable AND looking back on it now I can't believe you went to all that trouble EVERY morning. Did you have a perm at that time???? I love that Brooklin likes to participate in all things school. So many kids are so worried about looking STUPID that they never have any fun. Good job Brooklin!

The Dunow Family said...

Oh hello! Does that look like you or what. Thanks that gave me a good hard laugh!