22 June 2008

A Younger Looking Me

Yesterday my friend Ketra, took me to get my hair done as a thank you for helping her in the library all this year. It was nice to see her one last time, and I am going to miss her a lot when we move.
Thank you Ketra for the wonderful friend you have been to me, and for my beautiful hair...hehehe... I loved working with you in the library, and I'm glad I got to know you. It was nice to have someone else that understood why I couldn't stop in the middle of a project, and also got excited when we figured out (after cataloging 100's of books) that the Dymo could print on two lines. I hope you have a fun year next year...keep in touch! ~~MeJ~~
This is a before picture of my hair...notice that I look very...errrr...mature.

This is my after hair...no more grey! Wooo Hooo!


Graham Family said...

Melissa I love the new look!!! It is so pretty. The color looks wonderful and so natural. I didn't know you worked in the library all year. Sounds like that was a blast.

Jen said...


You look amazing! You looked terrific before, but the new color is fantastic and makes you look a lot younger. Even your smile seems brighter because of it. I bet it feels wonderful.

I can't believe you guys are leaving so soon! What happens after the movers take all your stuff but you don't leave until the fourth? Are you just living in an empty house? I admire you for being able to take on the whole moving process, the extended vacation, and then settling in a new place, all with four kids in tow. I wish you guys the best of luck and I'm going to miss reading your posts. August can't come soon enough and I'm sure you'll have tons of great pictures to share.

Take care!

∂∫∂ Lockhart Clan ∂∫∂ said...

Wow! I honestly thought you had a daughter I'd not seen. Good luck with the move. We have been in LA almost a year and I still don't feel settled. It seems to get harder each time, especially with more little ones running around. We've gotta stop adding kids to each move! :o) Again, good luck and remember there are people like us that are jealous of this move. We so want to be in AK again.
Amy :o)

Meleana said...

I love the new do. The dresses are too cute! Lokelani has the same dress. Great selection!