12 June 2008

update to the 92 out of 200 thing

My mom wrote me this email, so I thought I would post it...it was cute....and my new total is 94. My responses are in red and if there are parenthesis, then that wasn't in the email...it is just for explanation. NERT!

So a few questions:

When did you ever hold a tarantula?In kindergarten...Tammy the Tarantula

Have I ever seen a meteor shower? I'm sure I saw the northern lights while I was in Alaska.

You did hold a baby goat!yes...but it said lamb, so i didn't highlight it

#32 made me laugh and you know why....................you did care once!!! (My mom and my dad came home from somewhere one night, and I was totally dancing my legs and arms off in front of a mirror...so I wouldn't look goofy at the stake dances...and I didn't see them pull up. They must have watched me for a good 20 min, before they decided to let me know that they could see me through my open window. I was completely embarrased, and I just sunk down below the window and stayed there!)

Man, you did #46 and I had the opportunity and never did it once.

#81 will NEVER happen to me!!! (she is terrified of flying)

Which historical place did you live in?duuuuh....you came to visit me there...when London was a baby...(we lived in Washington DC)

Did you never perform on a stage in all your years in band?I guess I was in roadshows, and we did preform onstage in band

You never made a hole-in-one even in miniature golf?i can't remember...but I don't think I have

What did you invent? Something to do with baby blankets???I invented the hair pillow (it is a small pillow with real hair sewed into one side. The short version of this story is when Isaiah was a baby, he would wake up every hour of the night and I gave him a pony tail one night...i had just cut Brooklin's hair...and he slept for six hours straight. The only problem was he was pulling all the hair out of the rubber band, so I sewed it into a small pillow. He is on his 4th one now, and still sleeps with it every night. He likes to twirl it in his fingers to help him relax)

You wore custom made shoes when you didn't learn how to walk until you were 15 months...they had a special heel and inserts. and you learned to walk right quick.

Are you sure you never took hunter's safety? Dad said all of you kids did except for Marnie.I never did either

What's an NJP newsletter?????????idk (I actually just googled this, and it stands for non-judicial punishment, and it has something to do with military discipline...so I guess you would know if you had one!)

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