19 June 2008

WHAT?!? Nostalgia gone awry

I have added a music player to my sidebar just so all of you could have a good laugh...but don't push the play button before reading this post. I don't know how many of you grew up listening to Brite Music by Janeen Brady, but I did. The songs were so fun and they covered many topics...holidays, seasons, religion, physical activity, values, animals, etc. ...and my brothers and I used to play the tapes nonstop. We would run all over the house while "See Me Run" was playing and I have sung many of these songs to my children. I have tried to find them on the internet, and a few years ago, I was able to buy a CD, but they were expensive (it is one of those home party kind of businesses) so I just let it be for awhile. Well, yesterday I had one of the songs stuck in my head, and I thought, I really want these....nostalgia....and they are very good songs for kids. The company has now gone digital, and is selling the albums in MP3 format for $9.99. I bit the bullet and bought 5 of the albums that I had as a kid. I spent the rest of the day blasting brite music through the house and singing and dancing with the kids. (All of them liked the music, except for Brooklin...she thought it was too babyish for her.) Anyway, while I was making dinner, one of the animal songs came on. It is called "A Seal And A Walrus" I didn't really remember this song, but as it started, I said outloud "I think this is a funny one". It started to come back to me, and I began to sing along. It didn't seem too funny of a song, until the last two lines, and then WHAT?!? I thought these were all just cutsey little kid songs! Needless to say, we have now listened to this song a hundred times and bust up laughing every time. Even Brooklin isn't tired of it yet. Enjoy!

****Oh, and you have to double click on the song title (yes, i know the player doesn't really fit on the sidebar) and it will start playing.****


Joel & Lila said...

holly snap!! Can you put more of those online? I grew up to those as well and now I miss them!!

Rana said...

Well, first I thought I might take credit for being such a great mother to have instilled in you the life long love of Brite Music. I remembered this song but Logan had never heard it and he was appalled.
that is not the original artist though. Is that who sings it on the albums you purchased???

∂∫∂ Lockhart Clan ∂∫∂ said...

I love those songs. I want them for my kids but didn't want to bite that bullet. We'll just 'listen' to your blog all day :o)