06 June 2008

Brooklin's award ceremony

June 4, 2008

Brooklin received an award on Wednesday night. She participated in a program at her school called Renaissance. She received a trophy in the bronze catagory.

The renaissance program was developed by a man in South Carolina in 1984, and has been implemented in over 1,800 schools nationwide. The basic goals of the program are 1.) To have the students improve their GPAs. 2.) To improve school attendance to 95%. 3.) To reduce disciplinary referrals by 15% and 4.) To promote community service of the students.

The requirements for this program are in three catagories.

Gold Card
All A's
One hour of community service per quarter
No suspensions
No class A, B, or C referrals

Maroon Card
B's or better
All other requirements as listed above

White Card
C's or better
All other requirements as listed above

Brooklin had straight A's all year, except for math and she had a C in Math all year, so she received a white card each quarter. The recognition awards were Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Tiger (their mascot). To receive the Diamond award. the kids had to have a gold card for quarters 1, 2, and 3 of this year. To receive Gold they needed two quarters of Gold. For Silver they needed either 1 gold and 1 maroon, or 2 maroon. For Bronze: 1 quarter gold and 1 white or 1 maroon and 1 white, or 2 white and for the Tiger award they needed either 1 quarter gold, 1 quarter Maroon, or 1 quarter of white.

Soooo...she did three service projects, and got good grades and wasn't suspended and we are very proud of her!

This is the award table.

Brooklin shaking hands with her principal and vice principal

B leaving the stage

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