06 June 2008

Happy Birthday to Isaiah!

Today our baby turned six! He opened his presents this morning, and then promptly went outside to play with them. He got a bug vacuum, a roly-poly bug playground, a go diego go playset, a pooh bear, and a magnifying glass. He went out and vacuumed up a roly poly bug and a lady bug and put them in the bug playground, and then came in to tell me that they wouldn't play on the slide. He chose to have us cook him dinner instead of going to IHOP again, when we told him he couldn't get the whoville pancakes because he didn't eat them the last time we went there. He got around it by asking for pancakes with a lollipop stuck in the top for his dinner. (which is basically what the whoville pancakes are at IHOP) . We gave him a stack of pancakes and stuck a dum dum through the top...and he was happy and ate the whole thing.

We went to Wal-Mart this afternoon (all of us) to buy a present for a birthdy party Caleb is going to on Sat. and while we were there, Isaiah kept on asking for everything, and telling us it was his birthday, so we should just get it all for him. I told him he should be happy for the gifts we did get him, and just because it was his birthday, that didn't mean we were going to buy him stuff all day. He got this puzzled look on his face, and said, "Well how come the other day when it was London's birthday, you bought he headphones for her ipod on her birthday after she opened all her presents?" HE DOESN'T MISS ANYTHING!!! I tried to explain that the headphones that came with the ipod didn't stay in her ears very good, so we were just replacing them so she could listen to it...and then I gave up and told Darwin to explain it to him. Dar said, come on Isaiah, I'll buy you something...!!...so now Isaiah has an ipod shuffle for the airplane!! (and do the rest of us!) I'm not really sure how it happened but it had to do with a lot of children using their best puppy dog faces, and me leaving it up to Darwin...with the understanding that I wouldn't be mad if he got them, just I didn't want to be there, so I went to the fabric section at Wal-Mart and he let the kids pick out what color they wanted.


We all love Isaiah. He is the funniest kid. Just on Wed., we were at the park and he was sitting on my friends' lap and he sniffed her and then told her she smelled like "sugar on the ground"! When we all recovered from laughing, we asked him what that smelled like and he said, "Well, it's not good."...!!!! He is an amazing helper, and as you can tell he pays attention to details. He is cute as a bug, and he thinks it is weird when people ask to touch his hair...but he will now tilt his head toward them and say thank you, when they tell him what cool hair he has. He has an expression for everything, and can be my best cuddle bug, if I need a hug. He is also very charming...he picks a flower every sunday for Grandma Lulu, and sometimes for his friend Nalea. He also just started picking a flower for his friend Lauren's mom every day when she comes to pick Lauren up from school. He doesn't let anything stop him from accomplishing the things he wants to do. He is also a great singer, and when the kids sing in church, you can hear his voice above the rest. Some of the kids even hold their hands over their ears, because he sings so loud, but I love it. We are very grateful to have Isaiah in our family.

We Love You Isaiah!


wyomingerica said...

I didn't know we had twins. Wes and Isaiah are born on the same day same age!! Crazy, kind of sad we didn't know that. Well happy birthday Isaiah!

Jen said...

That little boy is so adorable. I love his haircut so much! It just fits his personality. How's his speech doing? He always had so much to say so I hope it's getting easier for him. That kind of frustration stinks. And I can't believe Darwin gave in on the ipods. That's so funny. What's the difference between an ipod and an ipod shuffle? I'm so technologically out of the loop.

Kelly said...

I like his mohawk! He's cute. He sounds a lot like my 4 year old nephew.