06 June 2008

Happy Birthday to London

June 3, 2008

Our London turned eight on tuesday! We asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she gave us a long list of expensive gifts that included; a TV, an ipod, a cell phone, and a Nintendo DS. She actually went on for quite awhile with her wish list...and we just smiled and nodded....SURE. What she actually got for her birthday was a pair of pants, new "real" scriptures and a pink case for them, a poodle Webkin, and an ipod shuffle with some accessories. We only do five presents for our kids, so we're always fair and don't go broke...lol...especially in December and in the spring. For 6 weeks in the spring, we have four birthdays, mother's day, and father's day, so it is just like Christmas all over again. She also got to go to the mall the night before her birthday and get her ears pierced. (Our family rule for ear piercing is 8). It was pretty funny. She watched her sister (and auntie) get their ears pierced four years ago, and she told us she never wanted to have it done. Sister didn't cry, but Auntie did and I think it scared her enough (at age 4) that she told us for almost two years after, that she didn't ever want her ears pierced. We asked her a few weeks ago if she wanted to have them done for her birthday, and she was a little thoughtful about it, but said that she did. She has been very good about cleaning them three times a day and twisting them a lot. There was only one girl in the shop when we went in to have them done, so she had to get them done one at a time. After the first one she was not sure she wanted the second one done. =) The lady did the second one, and she looked like she might start to cry. The lady had given her a sucker to hold for after, and I grabbed it and whipped it out of the wrapper and was like "Look! A sucker! Hurry! Eat it! Eat it!' I popped it into her mouth and then she started laughing like crazy, so we avoided any tears and she ended up laughing...yeah! One of our family traditions is to let the birthday kid choose a restruant to eat dinner and London choose IHOP. I also took Guri Guri into her class for her birthday. Guri Guri is a little like ice cream and all the kids totally love it here. They couldn't believe I had brought them some to school! It was very cute.

London is a sweet girl. She is also true to the poem about little girls, and has quite a bit of spice to her. She loves to play dress up/make believe, and can entertain herself (and Isaiah too) for several hours. She almost never tells me she is bored. She loves to sing...and since getting the ipod for her birthday...has pretty much been singing non stop for three days now. (another wild tangent...when she got home from school on her birthday, she said three things to me. 1. Did you charge up my ipod? 2. Did you put songs on it for me? 3. Can I have it? She never said another word, except singing, until dinner...hehehe) London is like a little mommy and loves to play with little kids. She is gentle and kind to them. She is a good friend and is a great helper at school and at home. She likes to help me when I am cooking too. London does well in school, and especially likes math. She likes to read too. We are so glad that she is in our family.

In our church, children can be baptized at the age of eight. London has chosen to be baptized and we are all very proud of her for making this decision. She is going to be baptized on June 15th (Father's Day) after church, by her dad. She asked her primary teacher and I to speak, and asked Brooklin to say the closing prayer. She also is going to have the primary children sing for her. We have bought her a white mu'u mu'u to be baptized in...but we haven't given it to her yet.

We love you London!

London's new earrings.

London's new webkin.
She named it Kadey.
London's new scriptures
She was very excited to get an ipod shuffle. Now she and her dad look just alike, and they both say "What?" and "Huh?" a lot.


Jen said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks! She looks like she really enjoyed the gifts and the earrings are too cute. How brave she is not to cry. It's always terrible when they only have one person to do the piercing because after the first one is done, they know what to expect for the second one. Much easier when two people can do it at once. I'm glad she enjoyed her day and how nice to have had dinner at IHOP. If I had my choice, I'd choose IHOP too. Man, I miss that restaurant.

Graham Family said...

London looks so happy. I loved the story about getting her ears pierced. Sarah doesn't have hers done yet. We were in the store and she was on the seat and then she changed her mind. I'm glad though, I think it's good that we are waiting a little longer. I'm sad for Brooklyn. I remember those years and girls are just horrible. I am already nervous for Sarah because she will spend her whole life "different". We love you and can't wait to see you all.