29 April 2008

Baby Beach Video

This is Isaiah snorkeling...later in the video is Melissa, who didn't know she was being filmed.

This is London and Isaiah snorkeling. Don't you love how they "swim"!

Here is Caleb and a fish. We took a lot of video of the fish, but you would get seasick watching it, and it is hard to see the fish, because the water isn't as clear as it could be.

This is Darwin handing the video camera to Melissa

Here is Brooklin. She had already been snorkeling, and Melissa was using her mask and snorkel, so she was just playing in the water...and watching Isaiah for us. Later on in the video, you can see London, Brooklin, and Melissa


Rana said...

Testing, testing.......... 1234

Rana said...

OK..........so that works! Loved the videos..........can't believe that's my family snorkeling in those beautiful waters in Maui. You are truly gonna miss that. Loved the way Caleb (?) swam with his ankles crossed! When you view those videos is the quality better than this posting? The 2nd one in particular seemed to have a lot of pixel "boxes" in it. Love you guys!