08 April 2008

April Fool's Day meals

This year for April Fool's Day, I made the kids eat hamburgers and french fries for breakfast, and a chocolate and berry pie for dinner. Of course, they were kind of expecting it...since I like to play tricks on them on April first. I got all of my meal ideas on familyfun.com...I can be creative, but the internet is very helpful for this kind of stuff

These are the hamburgers we had for breakfast. They were made using vanilla wafers, red and yellow frosting, green tinted coconut, a york peppermint patty, and the sesame seeds are stuck on with a bit of carmel ice cream topping.

Isaiah with his breakfast. The french fries were made using plain pillsbury breadstick dough (the exploding can type), and then you cut each breadstick in half lengthwise, and then in half the other way, roll them in sugar and bake them. You should also grease the pan....I didn't and I had a really hard time trying to peel the "fries" off of the foil.

Brooklin making her very best disappointed face, over having to eat hamburgers for breakfast. It was completely fake though...she knew it was a trick.

London eating her little hamburger.

Caleb enjoying his hamburger.

This was called "Fauxberry pie". It was really a shepherds pie, with the potatoes being dyed with a small can of pureed beets.

Supposed to look like chocolate pie with berry cool whip topping. It was pretty good, but I had a good case of heartburn later in the evening.

Another posed face. I did not taste bad, and they all ate it without complaining.

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Ukraine angels said...

I love the pictures! I will have to remember this for next year. good luck on your adoption!