20 April 2008

I got my computer back!

We ended up having to pay $200 to get the desktop working again. The insurance paid $65 dollars for the diagnostic to be done. The only problem is that they had to rebuild my operating system, so I don't really have any of the stuff back, but I do have a "brand new" computer. There is a folder on the desktop labeled "backup" and it has all the old stuff on it, I just don't know if I have the will or time to try and sort through it all and put it back where it goes. I was able to find the butterfly pictures, so I will add them here. I am happy that I have my computer back, just sad that it is so clean and empty....no favorites on the internet browser, no old emails, no saved passwords, etc.

These pictures are kind of neat, because you can see all the stages all in one shot. There are a few caterpillars hanging upside down, getting ready to make their chrysalis, some green chrysalises, some dark chrysalises(nearly ready to hatch), some newly hatched butterflies, and some empty husks. If you notice in the third and fourth pictures, there is a chrysalis on the bottom of the bug catcher. It made it's home on a leaf, and then the leaf fell off the tree. The kids found it and put it in the bug catcher, and it later hatched and was just fine.


Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

I found a picture of a yurt and I posted it on my blog. with a description.

Joel & Lila said...

That is so AMAZING! I wish I could come over and take pictures of the butterflies....you have some great shoots!

Anonymous said...

this is so awesome..........I wish I could have them to take into school. We just finished studying butterflies. Glad you have your computer back.........I know what you mean...about losing stuff. I have lost everything probably 4 times and I can't say I ever get used to it and I think of things all the time that I will never see again. I hate it!~