20 April 2008

Today's adption contact

Today, we had another birthmom contact us via Yahoo! Messenger after viewing our profile on parentprofiles.com. The conversation with her was longer than the last contact, so I will just summarize it here. This woman is 31 years old and is living in Texas. She is 4 1/2 months along and due on Sept. 20th. She has three children (12,6, & 2) and has previously given a child up for adoption. She is in school, working on her nursing degree. She is preparing to move to Florida to be closer to family in June. She knows who the baby's father is, but hasn't had any contact with him since telling him about baby. She said we "seemed like a really, really close traditional family...something missing in my own family". She wanted to know if we would be able to attend the birth if she chose us, and also wondered how we felt about an Africian American child. She and the father are both African American, and she said she really wanted to make sure we were ok with that...which we totally are. She was willing to give us her contact information and we passed that on to our adoption worker. Sally (our caseworker) said that she would try to call her in the morning. The lady also told us that she has/is talking with up to ten different couples, which I think is a really good idea, considering she is giving her child to another family to raise. She should interview as many people as she can, so she can be at peace with her decision.

Don't anyone get their hopes too high...I have had good conversations with 15 to 20 contacts, and now that I am posting them, it may seem like things are all set. I have to take each one of these, and just go with the flow, since most of the contacts I get, only last through the initial contact. We will just see how it goes, and pray for these birthmoms. They are hormonal, and in a scary position. Some are very stressed about what is going to happen, and some just pretend that it isn't happening and live in denial. I will pray for this girl, and I hope she can find a good family for the child she is carrying. If that family happens to be ours, then I will rejoice all the more. It is very exciting that we have had four contacts in the past three weeks. Before April 5th, it had been a a month without any contacts. Feast or famine...I think I am being prepared for the talk I am giving on adoption on Saturday.

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