05 October 2008

Wild buffalos falling from the sky!

I asked Darwin what to call this post, and that is what he sang back to me. Actually, there aren't any buffalos in this post...just a fire pit. We bought the bricks for it yesterday, and today we got to roast hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores! I asked him about the two bricks in the second picture, and he said they were like that because there was a huge rock in the way, and he didn't want to move the hole or dig out the giant rock, so that is just how it goes. We are going to get some big rocks to line the edge with, so nothing falls into the hole from the sides...including people. We are very excited to have a fire pit.

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Rana said...

So is this about as far back in your yard as you can get it? We sure enjoyed ours this summer. WE had more teenagers and family over using it than we could count. Dad has sprayed the weeds down twice now...the ones that came right up as soon as the tree was felled. I couldn't believe they would spring right up after NOTHING growing there for over 20 years!