11 October 2008

She couldn't wait

Brooklin didn't have school on Thursday and Friday for parent teacher conferences, so Thursday, she went to school with me (my teacher really tried hard not to curse, but slipped up once and after class, Brooklin told me she liked my teacher and that she was funny), and Friday, Darwin took her fishing and then hiking up Thunder Mountain. They hiked up to the snow line, and Brooklin made a snowman. He said she was so excited to be in the snow, she was wiggling all over! It took them two and a half hours to hike up, but said it was totally worth it. It hasn't snowed down here yet...just rained a lot.


Rana said...

That's so cute, Brooklin! All the hiking must have kept them warm cause they don't look very warmly dressed.

Lara said...

Hey Melissa and Dar,
I was just goofing around on the internent and found this page. Your family is as cute as ever. I hope to come visit before you move again. Mayby a multigenerational fishing trip.

The Lathrop's said...

I'd be hiking the first chance I got if I was back in Alaska again - Its way too hot here in the summer, but right now, its about 70 degrees and it feels GREAT! Way better than 100 degrees w/ 100% humidity.

We might get back to AK next year - possibly Sitka. Not sure yet, should know by Dec. - Jan. (hopefully)