24 October 2008

We are still alive... =)

Hi All,

I have no excuses...I've just been completely lazy! Sorry!

It looks like the last time I posted was the 11th of Oct. On the 11th, the boys had their first indoor soccer games. I was proud of Isaiah...he chased the ball the whole time he was out on the court. I like the indoor games better than the outdoor games, because there is less for Isaiah to look at, and he pays a lot more attention to the ball! Caleb is doing really well too. They have played two games each (both teams won both games...except they don't actually keep score) and tomorrow we have their third games.

Notice the kid in front of Caleb isn't on his feet anymore...that is because of Caleb! hehehe!

Here he is as goalie.

Isaiah is a good goalie also. He does dance a bit, but he's only let one go by him!

On Sunday the 12th, we had our friends, the Daltons, over for Sunday dinner. We had a ton of fun playing Apples to Apples with them.

Tuesday the 14th, we had our homestudy for adoption done. Mark from the Washington office came up and was in our home for about an hour and a half. I was not nearly as nervous this time around as when we did the first one. We have to redo a lot of our paperwork, so we can transfer our adoption stuff from Hawaii to Alaska. We had to be refingerprinted, all of us had to go get a new health checkup, we have to have a new approval letter from our bishop, four new reference letters (from people who have actually stepped foot in our new home here), a new application, and of course new fees...it is $500 for the homestudy update, and we had to pay $50 a piece for the fingerprinting and background check. I called our worker, Nickie, today, and she went over our Dear Birthmother letter with me, and then gave me instructions on how to update everything on the web. She said she got all of the papers we sent her, and that our reference request letters and bishops letter request were sent out yesterday from her office. Hopefully this won't take too long!

Friday the 17th, I had to give an informative speech at school. This is how I started it... "I bet many of you didn't know that I was expecting. I've been an expectant mother four times before this, but this one has been very different. I have lost 10 pounds, I have no due date, and I am 18 months along." Most of the class was very comfused, until I told them I was going to speak about my experiences on getting approved to adopt an infant in the United States. I got an A- on the speech, because I didn't do the outline like she wanted me to, but she really liked everything else. Also on Friday, Darwin, Brooklin and Caleb installed a new mailbox for the house. The other one was really wobbly, so they put up a new snow plow proof one.

On Sunday the 19th, we had another family from our ward over for dinner. They are a couple we knew from before. They have a new baby...I think she is 4 months old, and the kids just loved her! They all were fighting for a turn to hold her, and even Darwin stole her from me once! She is a little dolly! Caleb had a ball with their son. He is 2?? and Caleb played with him the whole time they were here.

To add to our little list of Smarties...London came home with the Extended Learning letter this week! I found out it is only for math in elementary school, but it is exciting to have kids who are doing well in school, and that other people notice it. None of my kids went to organized preschool, and when I went to meet London's kindergarten teacher for the first time, (a few years ago) she actually made a comment about how she couldn't believe that I'd never sent her to preschool, and made a note something like she would be one of the "not so smart" kids in the class because of it....and gave me that look, like wow, you don't really care about your child's early education...!!! WELL HA! I proved them wrong! Staying home and teaching your children in your own home works just as well as dumb preschool! I think even better, but that is my opinion. I think more moms should try it! Ok....venting over... =)

Today, the weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do. It hailed 4 or 5 times, rained inbetween, and it snowed a little two or three times.! It was even clear and sunny once today! Nothing stuck, but it may by in the morning. Right now it is 35 degrees and my desktop weather station says it is snowing, but it is too dark for me to tell if it really is or not, and I kind of don't want to look.

Ok, I will try not to go this long again without posting, unless I have a really good reason. I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs...thanks for not being as lazy as me!


Rana said...

Congrats on your A-...........I thought you had a good opening!I have missed your blogs but I just assumed you were swamped with school work. Thanks for the pictures. Is Isaiah letting his hair grow back or was it just "down" for the day? I have to say he looks a lot like Joe did at that age. Tell London I am proud of her! Remember when you were in the GT program ....I can't remember what it was called but you were embarrassed and told the other kids that you were going to remedial reading or something like that! :)

The Dunow Family said...

I love to read about your family,we are so much a like. I know this is nosy but why are you adopting? You don't have to tell me I'm just wondering. Your kids are all so adorable!

Melissa said...

Hey Emily! Your not too nosy...lol! If you want the story, there is a link to our adoption profile on the right hand side of our blog. The parentproflies.com one is a little better...the part about why we are adopting is actually in bold, because we get asked that a lot. If you don't want to read the whole thing, it is actually right there at the top of the page, but I don't mind if you read the whole thing...and if you know some one who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and might consider adoption, give them the link for us, would ya? =) Good to "talk" with you!